About LateWeight

My name’s Caitlin, I’m 21-years-old, and at my heaviest I was close to 350 lbs. That was in the summer of 2015, and since then my weight has risen and dropped frequently and irregularly. I initially lost 50 lbs., then I gained a few back, lost a few, gained a LOT back… And the cycle would continue to repeat itself. There was even a time when I gradually gained weight after several months of intense exercise and cutting calories. I was 321 lbs. when I realized that something wasn’t quite right.

After seeing multiple doctors and going through several medical tests, it became clear on what was holding me back. I was diagnosed with several hormonal disorders, including hypothyroidism and PCOS. After two months of restricting calories, exercising regularly, and being on several prescribed medications for my conditions, I’m finally seeing progress. Since July 2016 I’ve lost and have kept off 20 lbs. and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.

This blog is going to talk about that journey as well as the long one I have ahead of me. Expect workout regimes, healthy eating recipes, and occasional blurbs about this illness. This is something that I am just now having to deal with, and I learn new things about it every day. This isn’t about a fad diet or a secret exercise routine, and there are no shortcuts you can take to reach the final goal: Becoming healthy again.

So now you know who I am. Let’s address the pink elephant in the room: Why LateWeight?

I exercise late at night. Yes, it really is that simple. I enjoy working out more during night than I do in the day. I’m very tightly wound by the end of the day, and it does wonders for eliminating stress. Of course, there is no bad time to work out. Some people prefer the nightly swim, some of us like to wake up before the sun rises and run for miles and miles. You should do whatever works best for you.

I’m sure I’m going to say it a million times, but: If you have any allergies/intolerance or illness/injury, you should consult a doctor before you try any of the recipes I make or the workout regimes I promote. I wouldn’t consider anything on this site to be too extreme or taxing, but everyone has their own different goals, their own limits, and their own plans. Please make sure that what is here will suit you.